Wedding Package Pricing

Your wedding day is a big deal, and in my opinion, good photos are one of the most important things you can invest in. Capturing beautiful moments as they naturally happen is what I aim to do. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been shopping around, and looking for the photographer that fits your style and budget! In an ocean of photographers to choose from, why choose me? Well, I’d say I’m different than some other wedding photographers because I am extremely passionate about my work, I thrive in the electric atmosphere of a wedding day (rather than getting stressed and overwhelmed) and I make it my mission to customize and meet your wants/needs for your ideally “perfect day”.  I love shooting outdoor venues- especially in beautiful areas. I’m willing to travel; however, I will need to be compensated for anything more than an hour drive. Every package includes the option for a discounted engagement shoot, a disk with 2 folders - one with high resolution images for printing purposes, and a smaller file size for posting, sharing, and everything inbetween. After the editing process is done (where most of the time is spent) we will sign over the rights to the photos, and they’re officially yours to keep! No hidden fees, no hassle with going through the photographer for prints...I try to make things as simple as possible! I take half up front, and half when I deliver the final edits. Every package offers the option for a monthly payment plan- ask me about it! I hope one of these packages below suit your needs; and I look forward to working with you!


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Basic -$1800

For a person on a tight budget, this package is quite the deal. I will be shooting solo in this package, but don't worry! I love the hustle and bustle of running around capturing everything going on. I will be available for whatever your needs are for a total of 5 hours- creative bridal party photos, ceremony, reception, etc.  You’ll receive a disk with all final edited pictures (that make the cut), and the copyright for printing.

Aarons Favorite -$2400

This package offers my services for a total of 7 hours, and a second shooter to assist. I LOVE shooting in remote locations; and this package allows time to go get a little creative! This is an amazing package for anyone that appreciates portrait artistry, and wants to do whatever it takes to get “the shot”. Factoring in travel time to a location, and depending on how comfortable the subjects are in front of a camera- this package in my opinion allows the perfect amount of time to get everyone to open up, and show their true colors.  You’ll receive a disk with all final edited pictures (that make the cut), and the copyright for printing.             


The deluxe package is for the couple that really wants to go all out. This package includes my services for an entire day, with a secondary shooter to assist! This way, there is never a crunch for time. To me, the longer I spend shooting with a couple, the better the shots get. As time goes by, camera shyness tends to disappear! Because of this, I usually get my favorite shots towards the end of my shoots! With this package you are guaranteed priceless pictures that capture your “perfect day”, and tell the story of your relationship. You’ll receive a disk with all final edited pictures (that make the cut), and the copyright for printing.




For the last 8 years I’ve shot photographs of weddings in backyards, cliff sides, churches, golf courses, beaches, barns…you name it; and in the last 3 years I’ve fallen in love with filmmaking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but a video is worth a million. Capturing moments and telling stories is my passion- and having a beautiful edit of your wedding day is by far the BEST way to relive your big day. I offer only one package, and you WILL get what you pay for. I don’t feel you’ll ever look back and say “man I’m really upset I spent that money on our wedding film.” That being said- I believe a good film speaks for itself. Check out below what your wedding film could look like!

“The Fairytale Film Package” (lite / deluxe)

- $1,800 - $2,500

I believe is the perfect investment for the couple who desires to have a custom cinematic story showcasing their big day to share with their friends and family, on any social media profile, or just to enjoy for themselves. Here’s what you get:

Lite only includes highlight video

-4-6 minute highlight reel (a creative, cinematic piece with cuts from your entire day..usually overlaid with audio stems from your vows to each other) - Your choice of music genre for the edit.

Deluxe includes everything listed

-Full ceremony edit with 4 separate camera angles (usually totaling around 30 minutes)

-Full video clips of toasts/any specific events tailored to your wedding

-Drone shots

-120fps slow motion shots

-Disk delivered with all video files and copyright